Welfare Monitoring

The PANDAH Personal Alert System allows users to summon help by pressing a button on either the wearable pendant, the wall-mount PAD or the Pandahlink base unit.

With falls being the major cause of injury for older people (they are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions in people aged 65 years and over), statistics show that once fallen, every hour left unattended results in an extra day of rehabilitation. Thus rapid attention to such injuries is vitally important in ensuring the best outcome.

But what if the user becomes incapacitated and is unable to press the alert button?
This is of particular concern to those living alone and there have been many reported incidents of people left unattended for lengthy periods following a fall or similar mishap.

A key and unique benefit offered by PANDAH is to the at-risk senior living at home alone and to family and friends who worry about them.
A feature called Welfare Monitoring can be enabled to allow up to five “welfare check” times to be defined within each day, every day.


When a welfare check time occurs, the system signals the pendant wearer with audible beeps and light flashes. If the user is OK, he or she will press the OK button on the pendant which will then acknowledge the welfare check and no action is taken.
However if the OK button is not pressed within 45 seconds, the system sends a text message of the form “There was no response from Mum to a welfare call at 9AM”.

This overcomes the risk of someone lying unattended for a lengthy, possibly fatal period of time – a tragic event we hear only too often.
With today’s technology this should simply never occur and PANDAH is the only Personal Alert System with built-in automatic 24-hour monitoring of the user's wellbeing.

When Welfare Monitoring is enabled, the user may nominate from one to five welfare check times within a 24-hour period.
Welfare Monitoring may be selectively turned off by pressing the Home/Away button on the Pandahlink base unit. The adjacent green light will be off when Pandahlink is in Away mode.
This will suspend the Welfare checks until the Home/Away button is pressed again returning the Pandahlink to Home mode with the green light ON.

This automatic monitoring process enhances the level of reassurance for both the user and for those undertaking their care. There are no costs associated with Welfare Monitoring and no external party is involved in the monitoring process.

Welfare Monitoring may be selected at any time and when selected, may be suspended by pressing the Home/Away button. This allows the user to be away from the premises when a Welfare check would otherwise occur.
Optionally an SMS may be sent whenever the Home/Away button is pressed informing the carer that the user is away from or has returned to their home.