The PANDAH Personal Alert System monitors the wireless range of the wearable pendant PAL at all times.

If the pendant moves out of range of the Pandahlink base unit, a timer counts the number of seconds that the out-of-range condition has persisted.

The system may be configured to provide an alert if contact has been lost with the pendant for more than a certain pre-defined time.

We call this the "Wanderer" feature and it provides a useful alert mechanism for those with early onset dementia who are prone to "wander" away from the home from time to time.

When enabled, this time may be set to either
5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes

Thus if the user were to leave the premises whilst wearing or carrying the pendant, the PANDAH system would send an SMS alert to the nominated carers warning that the person has left the home location.

When the pendant returns within wireless range of the Pandahlink base unit, an SMS message is also sent confirming that the user has returned home.

Note that the Out-of-range function applies only to the primary PAL (PAL-1).