I'm my mothers primary carer, she is elderly and suffering the latter stages of Parkinson's Disease. In her decline her need for assistance has become more frequent and at times quite dire because her ability to summon help also declined as her voice weakened along with her strength. PANDAH has been an invaluable, literally life-saving aid; extremly practical and highly reliable.
PANDAH has eased both our lives immensely, no more stranded exposures at
in-opportune times. Thankyou Pandahcare.
 - Peter, Victoria

Last year I purchased a PANDAH alarm system for my elderly mother living in Sydney.
All has gone well until the last week when the power went off in her house. I received a power-fail SMS on my mobile phone and since it was in the early evening I knew that she would be alone in the dark without any heating. She was relieved to see me and came home with me for the night. Later that evening I received a power-restored SMS.
We rely on PANDAH to send alerts whenever mum needs help but this feature is a terrific added bonus. You've thought of everything!
 - Michelle, NSW

Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about what you did for us with your wonderful product - we still talk about PANDAH to anyone who we feel it will help.
If I can ever do anything for you in a professional capacity then be sure to let me know.
  - Glenda, Victoria (Clinincal Nurse Specialist )

As a Registered Nurse I realise that time is of the essence in some cases. This is the reason I chose your PANDAH instead of other types of alert systems.
I've been so impressed that on Sunday I emailed A Current Affair about
PANDAH to tell them how great it is and the service that you offer. I hope you don't mind.
  - Jenny, NSW
Part of her email follows:
"First of all I would like to say this is more a feelgood story about a great product and a fantastic Australian company with wonderful customer service. Something that is hard to come by these days. .... PANDAH decreases the need for "000" calls in the case where the person just needs to be helped up off the floor etc. which is a great stress reliever on the already overextended ambulance service. ... I cannot say enough about the service I have received from Pandahcare ..." etc.

Thanks so much for your understanding and helpful information. Yes, I was a bit concerned that the two buttons on the PAL might get a bit confusing for my Dad even though I think the whole choice of options is fantastic. So I'll get him to wear the single button PAD instead. So far we are very pleased with our purchase of your brilliant product.
  - Annette, NSW

I had to go into hospital for a few days and felt so much better knowing that my wife would be okay now that she has a PANDAH. It was a huge relief for me not having to worry about her.
  - George, Qld

I have already felt more at ease when I have had to go out over the weekend and at night knowing she has the Pandah system and have sensed from Mum a feeling of greater security knowing we will be immediately contacted if something is wrong (she has worn it from the time it arrived).
 - Kate, Victoria

It has been a pleasure dealing with someone who does what the say when they say.
 - George, NSW

Thank you Pandahcare, great customer service!
My Mom loves it by the way, she sends us an "All OK" SMS regularly.
 - Laurie, WA

Many thanks. Less than a week after installation it was required and worked perfectly.
My mother managed to fall and break a hip and then pressed the button on the PAD and was seriously grateful it was there.

 - Andrew, QLD

Just a note of thanks. My Mom had reason to use her Pandah twice in the last week, first time she felt dizzy, was taken to hospital and released a day later with a severe ear infection.
The next day she had a fall, hit her head and broke her pelvis. Thankfully she had her Pandah around her neck and could summon help. Within 2 hours of falling she was admitted to Hospital and 12 hours later she underwent a complete hip replacement!

We shudder to think what the outcome would have been if she did not have her Pandah to alert us.
Thank you for a great product.

 - Janet, WA

With the simple-to-use award-winning PANDAH Personal Alert System, family members, friends and other carers can be kept actively in-touch at the press of a button.