PANDAHLINK is the main system communications device which manages all wireless signals between itself and PAL’s and PAD’s. Once triggered, PANDAHLINK sends alert notifications to nominated carers in the form of SMS text messages. Rather than using a mobile phone for SMS dispatch, PANDAHLINK transfers pre-defined SMS messages to an SMS message centre using the standard telephone dial-up line. This method is preferred since the dial-up line is robust, does not require mains power and is free of SIM card costs and contracts. Further, PANDAH is not dependent upon mobile phone coverage for SMS message transmission.

  PANDAHLINK features two buttons - HELP and HOME/AWAY - with associated red and green light indicators.
The larger button functions as an alarm trigger, with associated red lights on either side of the button whilst the smaller button functions as a Home / Away switch for moving between active and inactive modes of operation. Active mode (Home mode) is indicated with a permanent green light. The owner switches PANDAHLINK to Away mode when leaving the premises. This suspends welfare monitoring, caller identification of incoming calls from carers and wanderer functions should they be selected. Should the owner forget to switch PANDAHLINK to Home mode on return, any PANDAH system OK button or alarm trigger will immediately return PANDAHLINK to the active mode of operation.
When help is required, simply press the large help button. PANDAHLINK will acknowledge the trigger, sending confirmation back to the PAL which will then beep and flash the red light. After 10 seconds, PANDAHLINK will send the HELP SMS message to the nominated carers.  
Welfare Monitoring

Not only does PANDAHLINK respond to wireless triggers from up to fourteen PAL and PAD personal devices, it functions as a monitoring controller. This selectable monitoring function signals the PAL at predermined times throughout the day to enquire as to the owner's welfare. Up to five daily times may be specified.
Whenever a query time occurs, the PAL beeps and flashes the red light prompting an acknowledgement from the owner.

  Pressing the OK button will silence PANDAH. However, should the owner press the HELP button or not acknowledge at all, PANDAHLINK will send an appropriate alarm SMS to the nominated carer(s).
This automatic monitoring process enhances the level of reassurance for both the owner and for those undertaking their care.
Caller Identification
If the home telephone line has Caller Identification (CLID) activated, PANDAHLINK can be configured to identify incoming calls from carers.
  When a carer telephones the home, the green light on the PAL will flash indicating that the call is from a carer. Simply pressing the OK button allows the owner to respond to the carer with an 'I Am OK' SMS message.
This informs the carer that the owner is OK, even though they chose not to answer the phone.

PANDAHLINK automatically detects an out-of-range PAL. If wireless contact is lost between the two units for a predefined period of time, PANDAHLINK sends an SMS message to the carer.
This is useful when the monitored person is prone to wandering away from home.
Similarly, an SMS message is sent when the PAL returns within radio range.

PANDAHLINK also detects a low battery condition in any of the PAL's and PAD's and sends an SMS message to the carer advising of this condition. You can expect at least 2 years battery life.

PANDAHLINK is powered by a 6VDC plug pack and contains re-chargeable batteries. The battery backup provides at least 24 hours of normal operation in the absence of 240V mains power.
Should mains power be lost, PANDAHLINK sends a 'Power Lost' SMS message to the primary carer. A 'Power Restored' SMS message is sent when power is regained.