The waterproof PAD can be worn as a pendant with the supplied lanyard, or clipped to a belt using the belt clip attachment, or secured to a wall using the supplied wall ‘holster’ as required.
The PAD is easily removed from the holster by depressing the holster 'tongue' slightly, thereby allowing the PAD to slide out.

PADs are the same size as PALs and up to seven PADs may be used with a PANDAH system.

PADs are designed to be located in danger areas in the home, for example the shower, bathroom, near the toilet etc. and close to the floor in case of an accidental fall.

PADs are lightweight, fully waterproof, and feature a single HELP button and associated red light
The large HELP button functions as an alarm trigger, identical to the PAL. Depressing the HELP button for half a second will deliver a HELP message to PANDAHLINK which will then issue the HELP alert SMS message to the registered carers.


Wireless technology links the PAD with PANDAHLINK allowing messages to be transferred in both directions. Once PANDAHLINK receives the HELP trigger message from the PAD, the red light will flash providing confirmation that PANDAHLINK has received the trigger message. The red light will also flash on the PANDAHLINK base unit.
If the button press was accidental, then pressing the button again within ten seconds of the original half-second press will extinguish the light and no action is taken.
If the trigger is not cancelled within ten seconds, the light will extinguish and PANDAHLINK will send the appropriate SMS message to the carer(s).

An acknowledgement is returned to the PAD with several brief red light flashes reassuring the owner that a carer has been alerted.

The PAD is powered by a lithium coin cell. If a low battery condition is detected, a low battery message is sent from PANDAHLINK to the primary carer(s). Battery lifetime is approximately 4 to 6 years, whilst replacement is swift and simple via return to store for either a replacement battery or trade in for a new PAD.