Overview     download the PANDAH flyer (480Kbyte)  

PANDAH is a smart Personal and Home Alert System that keeps the owner actively in touch with family and other carers. PANDAH utilises the latest wireless technology to link both wearable and fixed alert devices to the base unit, sending alert notifications in the form of SMS messages direct to mobile phones carried by nominated carers including family, friends, neighbours etc.

PANDAH key benefits   download the features/benefits list (92Kbyte)
  •   No call centres and no monthly fees
  •   No installation fees
  •   Alerts sent automatically as SMS messages direct to carers' mobiles
  •   Up to eight (8) carers may be nominated to receive SMS messages
  •   Unique 2-button alert device (PAL) allows the user to send both OK and HELP messages
  •   Daily "Are You OK?" monitoring up to five times a day is free
  •   Identifies incoming telephone calls from carers
  •   Multiple alert units (PALs and PADs) are available for locating around the home
      eg. shower, bathroom etc.
  •   Australian designed and manufactured
PANDAH comprises three devices;

A unique two-button alert device called a PAL for personal use. The larger button is for HELP and has an associated red light. The smaller button with its corresponding green light makes the PAL unique in allowing the owner to signal "I'm OK" to queries made by carers and regular welfare monitor calls from the PANDAHLINK base unit.
The PAL can be worn around the neck with the supplied lanyard, or clipped to a belt using the belt clip attachment, or secured in a wall ‘holster’ at a semi-permanent location within the home.

  A single-button alert PAD for additional safety in all areas of the home. The large HELP button functions as an alarm trigger, identical to the PAL. To provide maximum safety and reassurance for both the owner and their carers, alert PADs should be located in ‘danger’ locations such as kitchen, shower, bathroom, laundry, garden shed , etc. and close to the floor, in case of an accidental fall.
  An intelligent base unit called PANDAHLINK that connects to the home telephone line. PANDAHLINK is the main system communications device and it manages all wireless signals between itself and PAL and PAD personal alert devices.
In addition, PANDAHLINK dispatches SMS messages to carers using the standard home telephone dial-up line as required.
PANDAHLINK receives wireless messages from up to seven PAL's and up to seven PAD's placed within the home.
Once a button-press message has been received, PANDAHLINK responds with an acknowledgment to the PAL or PAD which then flashes a light and sounds a beeper.
This positive confirmation is vital for owner reassurance and is currently unique to the PANDAH system.
If the trigger is not cancelled within ten seconds, PANDAHLINK sends an alert SMS message to up to eight registered carers.

From one to eight carers may be nominated as alert contacts for a PANDAH system. Each carer is identified with a name and a mobile phone number. PANDAH then sends alert SMS messages to each carer in the list, in turn.
Carers may be defined as Primary Carers. A primary carer receives all SMS messages including system messages, such as 240V power failure etc.

All details identifying the owner and their carers are registered and saved in a confidential database at the Pandahcare web site.
The initial registration process is done at the time of product purchase. Information may be modified at any time by the owner or a carer with secure web access. Once entered, the registration information is transferred from the web site to the PANDAH system, using the home telephone line. This activates the system for immediate use. All of the PAL and PAD personal alert devices are now linked to the PANDAHLINK base unit, thereby eliminating wireless interference with any other nearby PANDAH systems.


The PANDAHLINK base unit should be placed centrally within the home on a benchtop or easy access shelf.

Since you may summon help simply by pressing the Help button on PANDAHLINK without using the PAL, you may wish to place PANDAHLINK in the bedroom next to the bed. Be sure that a telephone line is available for local connection.

Multiple wall PADs may be placed in danger areas around the home thereby improving overall safety.
Simply press the Help button on any wall PAD or PAL when help is required.

The PANDAH system is easy to use, simple to tailor and provides the owner with confidence in the knowledge that help is only a button press away.