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PANDAH is a smart Personal and Home Alert System designed for people who want added security and reassurance, especially when living alone.
With no installation costs, no monthly fees and no contracts, PANDAH embraces superior state-of-the-art technology to allow seniors to live confidently and securely within their local community.
Utilising SMS messaging technology, PANDAH eliminates the ongoing expense associated with call-centre staffing and support.

Further, PANDAH is the only alert system that provides regular around-the-clock monitoring of the user's wellbeing. We call this "Welfare Monitoring", a feature essential to the safety and security of those who live alone.

PANDAH - Personal Alert, Night & Day, At Home - is a unique concept for providing a low cost alert system in the home that keeps carers informed, via automatic SMS Text Messages to their mobile phones.
Installation is as simple as connecting an answering machine to the home telephone line.
Whilst primarily designed to support the elderly in living at home longer, PANDAH is also well suited to those of any age undergoing rehabilitation following hospital admissions.

PANDAH also assists with increasing safety and security in the home - because that's where most accidents happen - and combines simplicity of use with low cost operation and ownership.

PANDAH sends SMS messages to carers and contacts using the standard home telephone line. This allows PANDAH to be installed in homes that may have poor mobile phone coverage - an important consideration in rural areas.

  The technology offers a robust, low cost personal alarm solution and takes advantage of the new telecommunications environment in which a high proportion of people own mobile telephones.
Whilst many elderly people are independent and active, they are nevertheless concerned about the possibility of falling and sustaining an injury around the home. This is of particular concern to those living alone and to family and friends who worry about them.  
Personal Alert Systems
Personal Alert devices have been advocated by many health and aged-care organisations for older people at risk of falling in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of lying on the floor for long periods before assistance is obtained. Such “long lie” events can dramatically impact the future wellbeing of fall sufferers.
However, the on-going cost of traditional call-centre-based Alert systems makes these devices difficult to justify amongst the normally active aged population - they are simply too expensive. Also, many elderly people are uncomfortable speaking with a "stranger" on the phone and feel embarrassed in escalating the problem with the involvement of an external response organisation and possible ambulance services.

Further, long waiting lists for subsidised alarm systems may require a wait of several months. For people who fail to qualify for a subsidised unit, the high cost precludes many from buying a personal alarm; installation fees, ongoing monthly fees, and additional costs for daily monitoring.
Indeed, the costs accrued in the first year often exceed $700 and accumulate at a rate of an additional $500 per year, ongoing. The unit is rented and cannot easily be relocated.

With PANDAH , there are no installation fees, no monthly fees, and daily Welfare Monitoring is free. PANDAH is owned by the user and remains a permanent asset for the family. PANDAH may be relocated at any time and can even be taken on holiday for ongoing protection.

Welfare Monitoring - Activity Assurance  

Being able to summon help at any time simply with the press of a button provides peace of mind for the times when family or a carer can't be there.

  Regular monitoring of the user's welfare is particularly important when living alone. Hopefully the user is able to press the Help button on the alert device when assistance is needed, but unfortunately this is not always possible.
There have been many reported incidents of people left unattended for lengthy periods following a fall or similar mishap. Call-centre organisations offer a daily call service for an additional monthly fee.
PANDAH provides regular daily monitoring at no cost.
From one to five times per day may be defined.
When each Welfare Check time occurs, PANDAH signals the 2-button pendant PAL device with audible beeps and flashes. If all is well, the user will press the OK button in response which simply cancels the welfare check and no SMS is sent.
If the OK button is not pressed within 45 seconds, an SMS text message will be sent to the carer(s), of the form:-
There was no response from Mum to a Welfare call at 9AM

PANDAH automatically adjusts for daylight saving time in Australian States (the first Sunday in October +1Hr and the first Sunday in April -1Hr).

As with all of the PANDAH setup details, this automatic Welfare Monitoring feature may be modified or turned off at any time to suit individual circumstances.

Congratulations on your marvellous product. We could not afford a monitored system and PANDAH suits us perfectly - Jo, NSW
Thank you for your excellent service - installing PANDAH could not have been easier and my 84yo father who lives alone now feels much more secure in his large farmhouse - Mal, NSW
It is very reassuring that my diabetic daughter is now able to quickly contact us should she become disoriented during a hypo episode. She has type 1 diabetes and is often on her own during the day and night - Jane, Vic
I installed Pandah at my Nan's yesterday afternoon. As it happened at 3am this morning the help button was pressed - my Dad went straight over and Nan had fallen over beside her bed and was stuck. Our action plan worked.
Thank goodness we found out about this system and got it installed as quickly as we did. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

 - Jenny, NSW

Congratulations on your Innovic award. Since purchasing one for my mother I can see why you won this award - Anita, Vic
This item must be the pièce de résistance of gadgets. Small wonder you won the Innovic Next Big Thing award - Roma, SA
I'm very impressed with the whole PANDAH operation. Very professional.
 - Chris, QLD

We looked at various alert service providers and heard about your impressive system. I don't know any other organisation that offers a trial period without asking for at least a deposit. My father is 85yo and a little less mobile than he would like. He feels much more secure now with a Pandah in his home - as I do - Sue, Vic
What wonderful customer service. It's probably the best service our family has received in a long time!
  - Rob, WA

Pandah didn't receive a response to the welfare call yesterday which is how I found that mum had fallen. I immediately called an ambulance and she is now in hospital. This is the second time that Pandah has alerted us to a need for help. Thank you for such a wonderful product - Jan, Vic
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